Bad weather scuttled my hopes and dreams for flying today.  However, I took the opportunity to meet with my new instructor and go over the things I have previously accomplished in my training thus far.  He slid in some questions to test my knowledge and I think for the most part, he was impressed.  It is always hard to figure out someone’s personality in a quick sit down.  The proof will be in how we mesh in the air.  My previous instructors were very compatible for me so hopefully this one will be as well.

We are going to shoot for another lesson this coming Saturday but right now, weather is looking pretty horrible.  If this lesson falls through, I will probably not fly for another 2 weeks.  I have my final ground school class this coming Monday and then I will take the written sometime in the week after.

After finishing this post, I need to put together some materials and hide myself away until I can get this written knocked out.  If you have read previous posts, I am unusually worked up about it.  I know in the end I will be fine, but I really want a good score to justify the hard work.

Lots of studying in my future.