It has been a bit since I last posted.  I am not ignoring the blog but there has been a slight delay in my training.  Honestly, I haven’t been flying lately.  A few things have compiled to block my progress, weather, studies …… my kids neurotic afternoon schedule.  Most notably, I am nearing the end of my ground school class and I am spending a lot of my limited time, and brain power, on getting ready for the the written exam.

My lesson this week was cancelled due to the impending snow that seems to be hitting the east coast on a fairly regular basis lately.  My next lesson is scheduled in a couple of weeks due to spring break and my written test hurdling toward me at an uncomfortable speed.  Honestly, I think I’m ready but who really knows with the way the FAA writes questions.  I consistently score in the mid 90’s on practice tests but there always seem to be a question or two that is either worded funny or I have no idea what they are talking about.  The latter scares me the most.

The last bit of info is that my current instructor is moving on to higher ground.  Well, not necessarily ground but she has taken a job with a regional airline!  Really exciting news as she is very passionate about aviation.  I really enjoyed working with her in getting started with my IFR training.  Admittedly, I was completely bummed when I first heard.  After thinking about how much she will be gaining with her career, I became genuinely excited for her.  I certainly hope to hear about her training and aviation adventures in the future.  I can officially say, I know and trained with an airline pilot!

Fear not readers, I will be interviewing/trying out with a new instructor shortly.  Instead of jumping right in with a fresh approach, I want to knock this written out.  Can you tell, that the written exam is front and center on my mind?  Not sure if I have made that obvious enough, lol.

I may post in between but it will likely be 2 weeks before I have my next (First Lesson) with a new instructor.