I have had a passion for flight for most of my life.  My father was a maintainer in the AirForce and I was lucky enough to be exposed to some amazing aircraft.  I thought of a career in aviation early but due to some personal circumstances and misconceptions, I put off my dream of flight.

College, Marriage, kids, and life began. Then one day for my birthday, my wife gifted me a discovery flight.  Knowing full well what she was getting into, she knew my passion for flying would be re-ignited with this one amazing gift.  It wasn’t just a $100 gift, she knew it would be much more. (More money too!)  After this discovery flight with Paul Forehand, I started consuming all things aviation.  Unfortunately, Paul’s flight school had financial issues and had to shut down.  After a lot of intensive research, I found Wings of Carolina flying club and began my journey.

After a PPL, Instrument Rating and then Commercial, I am looking to take my passion to the next level.  Next is CFI (Initial) and then who knows.  Follow me in my adventures and ignite your own fire to chase your dreams.