Today I had my first IFR flight lesson. (minus the flight part though)  It has been coming for a while.  I had to cancel several flights due to my personal scheduling and then we had some legit snow in my area.  Normally, we get just a dustings of snow on top of 2 inches of ice. This time we got around 5 inches of legitimate fluffy snow!

Today the weather was IFR and better than previous attempts, but not great. We decided to meet and work on some ground school and maybe get some simulator time.  My new instructor and I have met before so it wasn’t hard to get past the intro and into the subject matter.  Today was mainly about paperwork, getting to know where I’m current in my flying, past training, etc.  She discussed the requirements for the instrument rating and asked me a few questions (light quizzing) on certain things.

ex. “What is required for IFR currency?”

I was able to answer a few, muddle through others and surrendered on yet others.

We chatted a bit about different subjects along the way and I think we will be a good fit in the cockpit.  Of course the true test is when we get up in the air and figure out how much of a mess that I am. 🙂

It sounds like we will start out by going up and doing some proficiency work so that she can assess my current abilities.  We will follow this up with some simulator time to work on my instrument scan and navigation.  After that we will be off to the races… err the wild blue yon… err  …hm… we’ll be off!

I am nervous a bit because it has been a while since I was a student.  It is an excited nervous, I am sure!

Any day you get to fly is a good day. I am looking forward to some good days!