Went to the airfield for flight lesson #2.  I had been watching the weather and conversing with my instructor and we seemed to be on the edge of being able to take to the skies.  We were looking at 2000 ft ceilings and around 7 kt winds.  This was good enough to do some pattern work but not much else.

As I arrived at the airfield, we both took a look outside and it seemed some of the clouds were lower than 2000ft.  So we did an area weather brief.  We called airports in a 360 degree pattern around our location, taking winds/ceilings/temperatures etc.  We started to notice a pattern.  7-15 kts winds with Gusts to 15-18 kts.  We also noticed that the wind seem to be variable between 330 and 060 degrees.  Our runway is position at 30 degrees so we would be seeing a dramatic shift from one side to the other on landing.  So with 2 strikes on the weather, we decided to work on some ground school, preflight, engine start/run up, and taxi practice in the wind.  There would be no getting off the ground today. 🙁

So this time, I handled the weather brief (for practice) and did the preflight waiting until the end to get feedback.  My instructor said that I completed an excellent preflight and needed no prompting.  YAY!

Next, I followed the engine start procedure.  I performed a brake check, ran the engine up to check magnetos and I completed my first radio call for a radio check.  Today I learned that taxiing is more difficult in wind and at this point it was up to 10 kts steady. I had to learn how to hold control inputs in order to keep a gust of wind from toppling us over.  During this time, I spent way more brain power on trying to figure out the control inputs than I should have but…. what can you do.  I did feel a lot more comfortable controlling the airplane on the ground.  I think I am getting a feel for the steering and brakes.

So, I have .7 hours in my log book and have yet to get off the ground.  I don’t think it is a loss as I am still getting comfortable with basic procedures.  I did cancel my next lesson because the weather is looking bleh.  My instructor wants me to get off the ground for my next lesson.  I agree with this and so… my wait continues.