Well, the day came.  The day that I would figure out whether or not my dreams could be squashed before they start.  Rewinding a bit, the issue comes in the form of an unexpected kidney stone in 2013.  Until recently, even though i’m an aviation buff, I didn’t fully realize that a kidney stone is a big fat red flag for the FAA and for your medical.  Without the medical, you won’t be flying.  So after some careful advice from several different sources, including my prospective flying club, I went to my urologist to get a recent scan. YAY, no stones.  Got a nice little note saying that I am fit to fly.

Speeding up to now.  I went to the AME and after what seems like a dozen different eye tests (Yay still 20/20), blood pressure, urine sample, first born …. ok maybe not the first born but you get the picture.  I am happy to say that I have a nice little medical and student certificate.  I am beyond excited, it is finally happening!  Next step, join the flying club and find an instructor.  I can’t wait!